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Serving Recreational and Competitive Runners Locally and Globally

Even if you are lucky enough to have an excellent team coach, it is usually not feasible for him/her to give each of their many athletes individualized attention. As a result, you are more likely to achieve your goals with some complimentary individualized attention from a knowledgeable and experienced coach.

Whether local, or in another state or country, clients can expect all sessions to be customized to meet their needs using a variety of tools, techniques, drills, workouts and training plans. Needs may range from an athlete's strengths and weaknesses assessment, breathing techniques, and running form, etc., to appropriate race strategy, workout types and sequencing and annual training plans, etc.

The initial session/consult whether in person, by phone or video conference may include discussion of needs, injuries, prior training and accomplishments; drills and/or workouts to assess athlete's endurance, speed, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, cadence and running form; or analysis of running form videos. Basically, a great consult where you gain valuable information, tips and insights to help you be a better runner.


All clients, one-time or regular, can expect to take-away critical knowledge to help them get more out of their recreational, school, club or professional workouts and their relationship with their primary coach. Regular clients can expect to receive regularly updated detailed athlete profiles and/or training plans.

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Take a look at the private coaching packages we offer and book an in-person or online coaching session. Sessions start at just $30 USD.