New Client Consult

A convenient mini consult via phone, text messaging or video conference (Face Time, What's App, Messenger or Skype) to discuss client needs, assess coaching fit and discuss future sessions (if desired). Athletes complete a background and needs assessment form in advance.

Session Length: Up to 30 minutes


New Client Session

An in-person session that includes a mini consult to review the client intake form, discuss client needs and specific issues, plus video capture and a basic running form assessment.

Session Length: 60 minutes


New Group Session

An in-person session with a group of 2-4 runners (teammates, friends or family) that includes a mini consult to review the client intake forms, discuss client needs and specific issues, plus a basic running form assessment or consult continuation.

Session Length: 60 minutes


Standard Running Form Assessment

Expert analysis of client submitted or coach captured (during New Client Session) running form videos. Client receives a written report (covering overall posture, arm swing, shoulder rotation, pelvis, head and body tilt, foot strike, and breathing), and a phone call to discuss.

Out of town clients use their mobile phones or camcorder to capture multiple 6-second video segments as instructed and then upload to YouTube or the Cloud for downloading by the coach. An assistant or tripod will be required.


Premium Running Form Assessment

Everything included in the Standard Running Form Assessment and Aerobic Endurance Testing, PLUS pacing, heart rate, running cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time and stride length recordings based on Garmin running dynamics. Client receives the report and videos within 48 hours. Recommended for: 1) any runner that regularly gets injured or experiences excessive discomfort/pain during or after running, and  2) competitive runners seeking new PR's.

Session Length: 60 minutes


Aerobic Endurance Testing

In-person field testing of client's aerobic fitness level. Data is used to establish training paces for the next 3-4 weeks and assess fitness progression. Training paces should be updated every 3-4 weeks, based on new testing, race results or time-trials. The test involves the client completing a 1-mile or 2-mile time trial. Following the test and rest, the client will complete a VO2max workout. Coach will provide client with a written report with training paces.

Session Length: 60 minutes


Workout Session

An intense 60-minute workout focused on one of the following critical workouts for middle and long distance runners: - Aerobic Threshold workout - Lactate Threshold workout - Race Pace workout - VO2Max workout - Special Endurance II workout - Special Endurance I workout - Speed Endurance workout - Speed workout Athletes not only get a great supervised workout, but they learn the why and how to adjust them and complete on their own. Athletes are required to spend 15-20 minutes warming up and cooling down before and after the session on their own.

Session Length: 60 Minutes


Coach on Retainer

Have a coach on retainer and get all your questions answered, race and training data and/or videos analyzed, and training and racing plans assessed for up to 6 months. Communication options include: phone, email, text, Skype, FaceTime, What's App, or Messenger. Your 90 minutes of coaching can be used however you wish in increments as small as 5 minutes. Your retainer account will be debited in 5-minute increments. Times are rounded up. Time can also be used for In-Person sessions. Unused time expires 6-months from the date of purchase.

Session Length: 90 minutes


Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Training Plan

Customized 30-day training plan for those looking to improve their running score on their 1.5, 2 or 3 mile military, police, fire, game warden or FBI, etc., Physical Fitness Test. Athlete receives a 60-minute New Client Session, a detailed training plan of weekly run training workouts and one 60-minute workout session. Additional coach supervised 60-minute workout sessions may be purchased as needed.

Don't have 30 days to get ready? Ask about our emergency packages for last-minute assistance that can make the difference.


High School Pre-Season Training Catalyst

Client learns about proper running form, proper training and how to get the most out of their high school coach's pre-season and in-season training programs. The package includes the Premium Running Form Assessment and the Coach on Retainer.


Custom Training Plan

Customized training plans to achieve short, and mid-term goals over the microcycle, phase, mesocycle, macrocycle or year period. Client receives the Coach on Retainer package, a general plan for the macrocycle or season and a detailed training plan with workouts emailed weekly.

Custom Priced

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